We strive to provide researchers with the latest breakthrough technologies to improve understanding of organs such as the brain and heart and their related illnesses.


Microelectrode arrays (MEA) meet CMOS technology

Our disruptive microelectrode array (MEA) technology revolutionized brain research by enabling a better investigation of neuronal networks. Our pioneering work on CMOS technology allowed researchers to visualize signal propagations occurring at a sub-millisecond scale between thousands of cells for the first time.

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Extend your possibilities in drug discovery and brain research

Whether neurons, cardiac cells or human stem cells, our technology opens new possibilities by enabling functional imaging assays, identification of network functional and dysfunctional states and precise evaluation of pharmacological responses.

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High-resolution electrophysiology platform

Explore our full set of products. Our answer to your experimental needs.


Discover a new dimension in electrophysiology.

Originating from more than 10 years of development, our high-resolution MEA system combines the latest integrated circuit computing performance with a durable and compact design.

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HD-MEA Probes

Unleash the power of your neuronal preparations

High density microelectrode arrays (HD-MEAs) featuring 4096 simultaneous readout channels and 16 stimulation sites arranged in different configurations meeting various experimental needs.

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Find the right accessory for your needs

Designed to fit the HD-MEA platform, our accessories extend experimental possibilities.

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Browsing high-resolution data has never been easier

Advanced acquisition and analysis software tool designed to manage high-content e-physiology data sets. BrainWave makes real-time visualization and the data extraction of key metrics from HD-MEA chips easy.

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Download useful documentation and files

Explore the capabilities of 3Brain's technology by taking a look at experimental examples.

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Latest publications

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dissociated cultures

State-dependent representation of stimulus-evoked activity in high-density recordings of neural culturespaper

Nieus T., D’Andrea V., Amin H., Di Marco S., Safaai H., Maccione A., Berdondini L. and Panzeri S.

Scientific Reports vol 8, Article number: 5578 (2018), doi:10.1038/s41598-018-23853-x

acute brain slices

Exploiting high content datasets recorded with high density Multi Electrode Array to investigate compounds functional effects with LTP protocols in cortico-hippocampal brain slicesconf. proc.

Zordan S., Ugolini A., Virginio C., Corsi M., Lonardoni D., Gandolfo M., Maccione A. and Berdondini L.

SFN conference 2016

acute retina

Eliminating Glutamatergic Input onto Horizontal Cells Changes the Dynamic Range and Receptive Field Organization of Mouse Retinal Ganglion Cellspaper

Stroh S., Puller C., Swirski S., Holzel M., van der Linde L.I.S., Segelken J., Schultz K, Block C., Monyer H., Willecke K., Weiler R., Greschner M., Janssen-Bienhold U. and Dedek K.

The Journal of Neuroscience 2018, doi: https://doi.org/10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0141-17.2018


Feb 28 2018

3Brain in the investor top 50

Bilan, the authoritative reference magazine of Swiss economy, selected 3Brain for the top-50 list of companies that investors should be paying attention to

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Feb 08 2018

3Brain @ SWISS NORDIC BIO 2018

3Brain will participate to SWISS NORDIC BIO 2018 on the 8th of Febraury 2018. Mauro Gandolfo, CEO of 3Brain, has been invited to give an inspirational key note on how to get success in participating to Eureka Eurostar project 

Jan 30 2018

ALA Scientific visit @ 3Brain

Andy Pomeranz, VP of ALA Scientific, our partner and distributor for US, participated to the training week about @3Brain 's products our facility in Switzerland.Read more

Nov 10 2017

3Brain at the SfN Meeting in Washington, Nov 11-15 2017

3Brain attends the SfN’s 47th annual meeting, Neuroscience 2017, which is the world’s largest neuroscience conference for scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and nervous system.