BrainWave X

A complete software equipped with advanced tools dedicated to surf, grasp and analyse HD electrophysiological data content


Imaging and Electrophysiology

BrainWave software allows the huge amount of data collected from 3Brain’s large-scale MEAs to be clearly visualized. BrainWave X converts the electrical information acquired from 4096 electrodes into a colour-coded activity video in real time.

Each pixel of the video represents a physical electrode of the array, and by just clicking on each of them you can visualize the corresponding voltage traces.

Thanks to several visualization parameters, it is possible to finely observe the spatial distribution and the propagation of activity patterns as well as picking up tiny isolated signals.

Additionally, once you are finished with your desired configuration, you can directly export colour-coded activity videos.

Selection tools

BrainWave X can automatically select and visualize only the most active electrodes in a selected region of interest. Moreover, you can even select electrodes according to a given statistic, such as the mean firing rate. Only electrodes within the given range of values will be selected.

Finally, you can group electrodes to ease the manipulation of data and other operations, such as graphical plotting and exporting.

Real-time and off-line analysis

BrainWave X is capable of performing real-time and off-line analysis on 4096 channels, thanks to the exploitation of modern multi-core hardware. In particular, you can perform:

  • Raster plot visualization of the activity from the full array of 4096
  • Mean firing rate calculation on the full electrode array or on a selected subregion
  • Spike detection on line and off line
  • Spike waveform extraction

Data saving and compression

The new BrainWave X offers different compression strategies to simplify the handling and the analysis of your data. For instance, you can take advantage of the dynamic lossy compression that lets you choose the percentage of the relevant signal that should be preserved (signal masking) and which portions of the noise signal should be discarded (noise blanking).

BrainWave X stores all your data using an HDF5 hierarchical data format ( This standard is an open-source, cross-platform, large data storage solution that is supported by most data analysis environments, such as, among others, Python, Matlab, Scilab, Octave and R.