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Brain Slice Electrophysiology

Boost neuronal circuitry studies through functional brain tissue imaging


  • Acute brain slices

  • Organotypic brain slices


Our single-well and multiwell CorePlate™ can record both spiking activity and field potential propagations (fEPSP, Population Spikes) over different regions in brain tissue preparations at unprecedented spatial and temporal resolutions.

Advantages of 3Brain technology with brain slice imaging are:

  • Large brain region monitoring of spontaneous activity patterns and precise mapping of activity propagation over multiple circuits

  • Precise electrical stimulation capability

  • Automated LTP/LTD protocols for plasticity studies.

  • Finely resolve signals from dendritic compartments or somatic layers within sub-areas of the circuitry

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Tools & Features

Brain Slices - Integrated spike/LFP detection and sorting algorithms
  • Integrated spike/LFP detection and sorting algorithms

    Different spike detection and sorting techniques are available in BrainWave software to extract and classify relevant cell activity

Real-time and off-line filtering capabilities from fast spiking activities - 3Brain
  • Real-time and off-line filtering capabilities

    A complete set of different filters (high pass, low pass and band pass) can be selected to separate slow field waves from fast spiking activity

Superimpose and Focus on BrainWave - 3Brain
  • Superimpose and Focus

    Tissue sample image can be superimposed on the activity map to record selected region of interests or to focus on a specific area of activity for advanced analysis

Built-in stimulating capabilities with the BrainWave software - 3Brain
  • Built-in stimulating capabilities

    Electrically evoked field potential responses can be investigated by using the internal stimulator of the BioCAM systems

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Customer experience

A collection of reviews from our customers

Our laboratory works on brain experimental recordings and modeling on multiple scales, from molecular/cellular to whole brain in animals and humans. The use of BioCAM X integrates perfectly into the workflow as it allows a unique set of measurements on distributed network activities.
3Brain has impressed me with the quality of its products. The BioCAM DupleX has been the perfect platform to aid our drug discovery efforts at Xenon, and the personal one-on-one assistance continues to exceed my expectations.
The BioCAM offers, for the first time, recordings at a scale that allow validation of models of neuronal population activity. This is a major step that will drive, in turn, the development of theories in neuroscience.
The BioCAM has revolutionized the way we look at population activity in the retina. With its overall large size and spatial resolution, it allows us to study population behaviour at unprecedented spatial and temporal detail.
It is a pleasure to work with the 3Brain team, they are both highly skilled experts and friendly.

Dr. Fred Jordan, Co-CEO

Fred Jordan's 3Brain review
The Muotri lab uses 3Brain high-resolution multi electrode arrays to understand how human neural networks are formed during development, and become altered in several neurological conditions.

Prof. Alysson Muotri

Institute for Genomic Medicine
Prof. Alysson Muotri's 3Brain review
We engineer a novel plasticity neuroelectronic platform using CMOS-MEA, nano-microtechnology and computational tools to decipher the molecular and functional plasticity simultaneously in a large-scale circuit/network in health and disease.
I have conducted a wide range of brain slices as well as neuron culture experiments in 3Brain's HD MEA system. Their technology is beyond expectation in terms of sensitivity, durability, and high STN ratio.
The HD MEAs allow us to perform accurate cardiotoxicity assessments on hiPS cardiomyocytes by applying a novel laser technology for recording high-quality action potentials from thousands of cardiac cells simultaneously.


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Acute Brain Slices
Molecular Pharmacology of Selective NaV1.6 and Dual NaV1.6/NaV1.2 Channel Inhibitors that Suppress Excitatory Neuronal Activity Ex Vivo


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ACS Chem. Neurosci. (2024) DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.3c00757

Acute Brain Slices
Low glycemic index diet restrains epileptogenesis in a gender-specific fashion


Michetti, C., Ferrante, D., Parisi, B., Ciano, L., Prestigio, C., Casagrande, S., Martinoia, S., Terranova, F., Millo, E., Valente, P. and Giovedi’, S.,

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (2023) DOI: 10.1007/s00018-023-04988-1

Acute Brain Slices
Recording Network-based Synaptic Transmission and LTP in the Hippocampal Network on a Large-scale Biosensor


Emery, B. A., Khanzada, S., Hu, X., Rossi, L., Klütsch, D., Altuntac, E., & Amin, H

IEEE BioSensors Conference (BioSensors) (2023) DOI: 10.1109/BioSensors58001.2023.10280958

Acute Brain Slices
High-resolution CMOS-based biosensor for assessing hippocampal circuit dynamics in experience-dependent plasticity


Emery, B.A., Hu, X., Khanzada, S., Kempermann, G. and Amin, H.,

Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2023) DOI: 10.1016/j.bios.2023.115471

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