Multiple cores for cell-based assays without compromises

After being the first introducing CMOS-based HD-MEA (in 2011) to overcome passive MEA limitations, we are now setting up the next standard by introducing the CorePlate™ technology, a multi-well plate HD-MEA with integrated processing power.


Your partner in drug discovery

Drug discovery, efficacy testing and toxicological screening require readout parallelization over multiple samples to account for biological variability but also to accelerate time-to-results.

This increased throughput is often achieved at the cost of a reduction in the number of sensed cells, thus making the assay less predictive and requiring more repetitions of the same experiments.

The CorePlate™ multi-well culture plate deliver sufficient processing power to simultaneously measure thousands of neurons per well, thus increasing the statistical significance of your experiments.

Elaborate network analyses at single-cell resolution and simultaneously over the multiwell plate are made possible in preparations such as brain slices, neuronal tissue, human iPSC-derived neuronal networks, brain organoids, spheroids and cardiac cultures.

CorePlate™ Multiwells - 3BrainCorePlate™ Multiwells specs - 3Brain

Flexible layout for both cell cultures and brain tissues

6-well CorePlate

The CorePlate™ powered 6-well integrates 4,096 bidirectional electrodes per well arranged in a 3.8 mm x 3.8 mm area. Up to 2,304 electrodes at 10 kHz or 1,024 electrodes at 20 kHz can be simultaneously recorded per well by selecting a subset of the 4,096-electrode array. Different recording subsets are available to either maximize the recorded area or the spatial resolution,  and to suit both cell cultures and brain tissues.

Moreover, each of the 4,096 electrodes or combinations of those can be used to release an electrical stimulation to your sample.

Each microelectrode is 25 µm x 25 µm, with a 60 µm pitch. The internal diameter of the well reservoir is 35 mm, with a height of 13 mm.

CorePlate™ 6W 38/60
Tech specs



127.8 mm x 85.5 mm x 19 mm

# of wells/microchips


Well microchip

Mode of operation

Recording and stimulation

Electrode size

25 µm x 25 µm

Microchip config 1

# of electrodes

2,304 arranged in a 48 x 48 grid

Electrodes' area size (active area)

2.9 mm x 2.9 mm

Electrode pitch

60 µm

Microchip config 2

# of electrodes

1,024 arranged in a 32 x 32 grid

Electrodes' area size (active area)

1.9 mm x 1.9 mm

Electrode pitch

60 µm

Microchip config 3

# of electrodes

1,024 arranged in a 32 x 32 grid

Electrodes' area size (active area)

3.7 mm x 3.7 mm

Electrode pitch

120 µm


Microchip flat area size

~ 6 mm x 6 mm

Well internal diameter

35 mm

Well volume

13 ml

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