We strive to provide researchers with breakthrough technology to improve the understanding of organs such as the brain and heart and their related illnesses.


Microelectrode arrays (MEA) meet CMOS technology

Our disruptive microelectrode array, also known as multielectrode array (MEA), technology revolutionizes brain research by enabling a deeper investigation of neuronal networks. Our pioneering work with CMOS technology has allowed researchers to visualize signal propagations between thousands of cells at a sub-millisecond scale for the first time.

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Extend your possibilities in drug discovery and brain research

By collecting high-resolution electrophysiological data from neurons, cardiac cells, brain organoids, and human-derived stem cells, our microelectrode array (multielectrode array) technology opens up new possibilities in drug discovery by enabling functional imaging assays, the identification of network functional and dysfunctional states and the precise evaluation of pharmacological responses.

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High-resolution electrophysiology platforms

Explore our full line of microelectrode arrays, also known as multielectrode arrays (MEAs), our solution to your experimental needs.

BioCAM DupleX

BioCAM DupleX

The Next generation of in vitro HD-MEA systems

Fully redesigned to provide the most complete experience with high-density MEA technologies, BioCAM DupleX introduces a new standard in electrophysiology. Thousands of bi-directional electrodes to have the full control of your experiments.

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Discover a new dimension with high-resolution in vitro electrophysiology

Stemming from more than 10 years of development, our high-resolution CMOS-MEA system combines the latest integrated circuit computing performance with a durable and compact design.

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Unleash the power of your neuronal preparations

High density microelectrode arrays (HD-MEAs) featuring 4096 simultaneous readout channels and 16 stimulation sites arranged in different configurations meeting various experimental needs.

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Microelectrode Array accessory


Take your research further with customized accessories

Designed to fit our HD-MEA platforms, our accessories take your research in drug discovery, brain organoids, neuronal networks, and human-derived stem cells to the next level.

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Gathering high-resolution electrophysiological data has never been easier

Our advanced acquisition and analysis software is designed to manage dense electrophysiological data sets. BrainWave facilitates real-time visualization and the extraction of key metrics from high-density microelectrode array, or multielectrode array (HD-MEA), chips.

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See our microelectrode array technology in action

Explore the capabilities of our high-density microelectrode arrays, also known as multielectrode arrays (HD-MEAs), and software tools by taking a look at these experimental examples and downloading the latest version of BrainWave.

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Latest publications

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dissociated cultures

Transfer Entropy Based Connectivity Estimation of Spontaneously Firing Hippocampal Cultures on Multi Electrode Arraysconf. proc.

Lama N., Hargreaves A.J., Stevens B., Mcginnity T.M.


acute brain slices

High Density Multi Electrode Array: a new tool to monitor seizure-like activity evoked by different convulsant drugsconf. proc.

Sessolo M., Ugolini A., Maccione A., Gandolfo M., Corsi M., Virginio C.

SFN 2018 (San Diego)

acute retina

Investigating the Effects of Mechanical Stimulation on Retinal Ganglion Cell Spontaneous Spiking Activitypaper

Marrese M., Lonardoni D., Boi F., Hoorn H.V., Maccione A., Zordan S., Lannuzzi D. and Berdondini L.

Front. Cell. Neurosci. (2019) doi:https://doi.org/10.3389/fnins.2019.01023


Jan 01 2020

3Brain Wishes All

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Years into the 2020. We cannot wait to involve you in more of our future advancements in our products along with what we will be able to do for you in your innovative reasearch.

Nov 16 2019

3Brain @ BraYn2019

We attended the event for BraYn 2019 this year. Meeting many young and innovative neuroscientists of the field this year. We hope we brought forth some inspiration for technological advancements in the Neuroscience field, and hopefully be a contribution to the research, experiments, and successes of the young generations today.

Nov 16 2019

Neural field models for latent state inference: Application to large-scale neuronal recordings

This new publication shows an intriguing approach to infere the intrinsic state of neurons starting from large-scale high-density MEA recordings. Applied to 3Brain data it has been made possible to determine the role of the refractory state in spatiotemporal dynamics of developing neonatal retinal waves.

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Nov 12 2019

3Brain @ CSEM Business Day 2019

On Nov 12 for the CSEM Business Day, with the theme of Deep Tech, many great special guests such as Dava Newman, Nasa former Deputy Administrator, and Lukas Viglietti, President at SwissApollo, spoke at the event. Our CEO (Mauro Gandolfo) also presented that day on the topic of Brain On Chip.

Further articles of the event will be posted shortly.