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Revolutionizing in vitro preclinical screening


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Mechanism of Action

3Brain's HyperCAM Alpha is the next-gen multiwell drug-screening platform to monitor simultaneously and in real time thousands of electrically active cells (e.g. neurons, cardiac cells, organoids).

Each well integrates our patented bio-signal processing unit, an advanced microchip sensor designed to provide unprecedented quality results from drug screenings and neurotoxicity assay.


  • Label-free measurements
    Real-time monitoring of the electrical activity of thousands of cells simultaneously - without the necessity to use dyes or indicators (e.g. voltage sensitive dyes or Ca2+ sensors) - allows to grab all the details of the functional alteration induced at the network scale by a tested compound.

  • Less experiments, better results
    3Brain’s technology provides high-quality, high-content data, thus improving the efficiency of your assay by reducing the number of experiments needed and accelerating the time to results.

  • High quality kinetic phenotypic assay
    With 3Brain’s label-free technology, your kinetic assays are not limited to end-point measurements. The same biological sample can be monitored over long times (days, weeks, months) to assess acute as well as long term effects of the tested compounds.

  • Unprecedented statistical significance
    The thousands of simultaneously monitored cells per well provide a more comprehensive and richer data set compared to systems with lower number of measuring points, thus fully exploiting the tested biological model and improving the statistical significance of each single point of the assay.

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Tools & Features

Parallelized massive measurements for Pharma on chip purposes - 3Brain
  • Parallelized massive measurements

    Designed specifically for screening applications, the HyperCAM Alpha is a revolutionary system that conjugates multiwell measurement capability with high statistical significance readout of each single well thanks to the high resolution sensor developed by 3Brain

Integrated spike and field detection algorithms within the BrainWave software - 3Brain
  • Integrated spike detection and sorting algorithms

    Different spike detection and sorting techniques are available in BrainWave software to extract and classify relevant cell activity.

All the analysis in a few clicks for the efficiency in drug discovery that a Pharma on chip should provide - 3Brain
  • All the analysis in a few clicks

    The flexible all-in-one BrainWave software will allow the user to quickly extract results from the screening assay. Combine multiple recordings, extract trends and statistics on a wide spectrum of functional parameters in a few clicks thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface

Built-in stimulating capabilities with the BrainWave software - 3Brain
  • Built-in stimulating capabilities

    Investigate electrically evoked neural network responses by using the internal stimulator of the BrainWave systems

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Latest Publications

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Neuronal Cultures

Dominant β-catenin mutations cause intellectual disability with recognizable syndromic features


Tucci V., Kleefstra T., Hardy A., Heise I., Maggi S., Willemsen M. H., Hilton H., Esapa C., Simon M., Buenavista M-T., McGuffin L. J., Vizor L., Dodero L., Tsaftaris S., Romero R., Nillesen W. N., Vissers L.E.L.M., Kempers M. J., Vulto-van Silfhout A. T., Iqbal Z., Orlando M., Maccione A., Lassi G., Farisello P., Contestabile A., Tinarelli F., Nieus T., Raimondi A., Greco B., Cantatore D., Gasparini L., Berdondini L., Bifone A., Gozzi A., Wells S., Nolan P. M.

The Journal of Clinical Investigation DOI: 10.1172/JCI70372

Acute Brain Slices
Molecular Pharmacology of Selective NaV1.6 and Dual NaV1.6/NaV1.2 Channel Inhibitors that Suppress Excitatory Neuronal Activity Ex Vivo


Goodchild S.J., Shuart N.G., Williams A.D., Ye W., Parrish R.R., Soriano M., Thouta S., Mezeyova J., Waldbrook M., Dean R., Focken T., Ghovanloo M.R., Ruben P.C., Scott F., Cohen C.J., Empfield J., Johnson JP.

ACS Chem. Neurosci. (2024) DOI: 10.1021/acschemneuro.3c00757

Neuronal Cultures
Electrical and chemical modulation of homogeneous and heterogeneous human-iPSCs-derived neuronal networks on high density arrays


Parodi G., Zanini G., Chiappalone M., Martinoia S.

Front. Mol. Neurosci. (2024). DOI: 10.3389/fnmol.2024.1304507

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