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The 3Brain - Massimo Grattarola Award 2021

In 2004, 3Brain started with the EU project called IDEA to introduce CMOS-powered cell-electronic interfaces into the field of functional recordings. More than 15 years later, 3Brain provides the most advanced HD-MEA technology to researchers in the fields of basic and translational neuroscience.

Now, it’s your turn to share your ideas and let us know how you would like to use our technology to advance neuroscience research. 3Brain is now offering a 10,000€ prize to support young neuroscientists at the beginning of their scientific journey. Please note, that it is the project idea that is awarded, therefore providing MEA data in the application is not required.

We offer this prize in the name of Massimo Grattarola, one of the leading scientists and pioneer in the fields of bioelectronics and neuroengineering, who also laid the foundation for works that would have later merged into 3Brain's technology.

Thank you to all applicants who applied for this year's 3Brain Massimo Grattarola Award!
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3Brain's CorePlate™ technology

Application details




3Brain AG

Funding Type


Amount Awarded

10,000 Euro

Closing Time

14.March.2021 17:00 CET

Who can apply:

Postdocs employed by academic institutions worldwide that authored/coauthored at least one peer-reviewed publication based on in-vitro or ex-vivo neuronal and cardiac models. Only applicants who hold their PhD for less than 3 years will be considered.
The project is an idea and concept of what you would like to do with our HD-MEA, having an MEA is not a required condition in order for project submissions.

Eligible projects:

Any project intended to further our understanding of cellular network function in health and disease, which also includes high-density microelectrode array (HD-MEA) recordings from in-vitro or ex-vivo models such as brain slices, neuronal cultures (primary or stem cell-derived), retina, cardiomyocytes or organoids.

How to apply:

To apply, fill the application form you can download here and send it to awards@3brain.com (by the end of 14th March, 2021). Applicants with the most inspiring idea will be informed at the beginning of April and asked to provide a 15 min live presentation in early May to the reviewing committee (more details in Conditions).

The winner will be announced in early May and the award ceremony will take place during the  Summer School of Neuroengineering. Please make sure to read the Conditions for more information and details on the application process.

Past Winners

Congratulations Dr. Martial Caillaud (Université de Nantes) as the first winner of the 3Brain - Massimo Grattarola Award!
"I am very honored to have received this award and would like to thank 3Brain and the members of the Massimo Grattarola award committee for choosing my project.

I have just started my second postdoc in the "Inserm-U1235 TENS lab" at the
Université de Nantes (France) and my project focuses on the interaction between the gut microbiota and the enteric nervous system in autism spectrum disorders.

This award will greatly help me to initiate my research project in the lab. In addition, with this award, I will also be able to develop the electrophysiology approaches in the lab and in particular the MultiElectrode Array for the study of enteric neuronal networks.
- Martial Caillaud, PhD

By submitting your project, you agree to the Conditions from the date of the submission.

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