Expand the possibilities of the single-well BioCAM systems

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IO Connector Box for 3Brain's single-well HD-MEA

Compact connector hub

IO Connector Box

The external IO Connector Box facilitates the access to the BioCAM X and BioCAM DupleX HD-MEA channels and internal modules (like the stimulation module). It features:

4 output stimulation channels
1 input stimulation channel
3 digital In/Out lines
2 analog input lines

Perform longer recording of cell cultures

MIB: the mini-incubator box

Drawing from our years of experience with neuronal cell cultures, we created MIB, a mini-incubator box for our BioCAM X and BioCAM DupleX systems, to enable long-term recordings from neuronal cell cultures on microelectrode arrays (MEAs). MIB can be easily connected to the O²/CO² line, and the temperature is constantly monitored by both the BioCAM X and BioCAM DupleX's temp-control function.

Sterility and humidity under control

Microelectrode array lids

Our MEA lids have been specifically designed for our HD-MEAs. They are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon™) and have a transparent membrane (FEP: fluorinated ethylene-propylene) stretched across the top. The membrane allows the diffusion of gases, but limits evaporation, thus reducing the need for a humidified atmosphere while also preventing culture contamination. Caps can be sterilized and are available with just the FEP membrane (left figure) or equipped with a perfusion inlet and outlet (right figure).

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