BioCAM MultipleX

The HD Multiwell MEA for High Definition Results

BioCAM MultipleX

High Density Multiwell MEA for High Definition Results

BioCAM MultipleX is a multiwell HD-MEA platform designed to parallel experiments with neuronal cultures, organoids and brain slices. 4096 fully bidirectional electrodes (recording/stimulation) per well allow the real time characterization of neuronal diseases, mutations and effect of drugs at high statistical precision

BioCAM MultipleX

All-in-one-platform keeping experiments under control

BioCAM MultipleX is an all-in-one platform where temperature, humidity and CO2 are continuously monitored as in the incubator, while the top transparent frame allows optical access to keep your experiment always under control.

BioCAM Multiwell Plates

The new golden standard for data collection & management

BioCAM MultipleX is coupled with the new Brainwave software to visualize and analyze complex network data from your preparation just in a click, providing the new gold standard for neuronal big data management.


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