BrainWave 4v 4.1

BrainWave 4 is packed with customizable features for gathering data with our BioCAM products, conducting online and off-line analyses and exporting results in a variety of formats. This is the latest software version and is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For more information, watch the video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

BrainWave Xv 3.1

BrainWave X is an all-in-one software tool for acquiring data with our BioCAM products, for offline play-back, analysis and data export. This software version is available for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

BrainWave 2v 2.0

Legacy version of the BrainWave software tool. Available for Windows XP SP3, Vista SP3, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


BrwExtReader is a library that can be used to read BrainWave data files recorded with BrainWave v. 2.0 (BRW-files Level 0 and Level 1). BRW-files recorded with BrainWave X or a later version do not require this library and can be directly accessed by using HDF reading tools/libraries. Microsoft .NET framework 3.0 or higher has to be installed. The library can also be accessed from MATLAB starting with release 2009a. 


BWClosedLoop allows performing closed-loop experiments, by providing the experimenter with the possibility to access the online acquired data with a time delay of ~5ms. The library must be paired with a BrainWave version that supports it. In case you do not have the module on BrainWave, please contact the customer support.

Demo files are zipped in .7z format. You may need to download 7-Zip or WinRAR to open the file if your computer doesn't automatically open them (there programs are free).

Hippocampal Neuronal Culture on New Accura Chip

Spontaneous activity of an immature dissociated hippocampal cultures at 11DIVs.

Despite the young age, the culture exhibits a sustained activity with strong spike events on many electrodes. Sporadic network bursts show the onset of synchronous activity.  

Long Term Potentiation on Acute Brain Slice

Long Term Potentiation experiment on the CA1 region in a cortico-hippocampal slice of a mouse. The LTP protocol has been executed by using EVOS a software add-on of Brainwave 4. Sub-areas of the CA1 region show different potentiation profiles. Data kindly provided by Prof. Balschun KU Leuven.

Acute Brain Slice

Inter-ictal activity recorded from the cortico-hippocampal circuit of acute brain slices of rat.
This dataset shows activity propagation of inter-ictal events induced by perfusion of 4AP. Data kindly provided by Cinvestav.

Acute Retina

Recording of spontaneous activity from the ganglion cell layer in a knockout mouse used as a model of a dystrophic retina.
This dataset shows strong spontaneous bursting and propagation of the activity along axons converging towards the optic disc. Data kindly provided by The Institute of Neuroscience (ION).

Dissociated Neuronal Culture

Spontaneous activity of a dissociated hippocampal cultures at 32DIVs, seeded at a nominal concentration of 1000 cells/ul.
This dataset shows spontaneous activity organized in synchronous bursts that mainly initiate from the bottom left and bottom right area of the array. Strong single spike events and short trains of activity can be easily identified. Data kindly provided by Nets3 Lab (IIT).